Conscious living and community

We’re a female-founded, women-led brand. With a mission of improving our holistic wellness and empowering women, Noou is born out to inspire modern women to live more consciously and confidently.

Everything we make and the way we do is committed to making a better you and around. We hope to be a part of your journey to becoming a new/noou version of yourself.


Simplify your outer,
grow your inner

Being a woman today could be complicated, we’re designed to declutter and soothe your mind with a line of minimalist and essential yoga clothing, helping you focus on yourself and what truly matters to you.


The nudeness

We are obsessed with details. We put a lot of effort into sewing techniques to present the total-comfort fitting and stitching. We’re aimed to create a truly nude sensation so that you could feel more as yourself, feel inwards.


The softest layer with
all the features

We source the finest technical fabrics worldwide to achieve the softest, lightest, moisture-wicking, and ultra quick-drying features allowing you to enjoy your sweat and moves with no barriers during your practice.


Doing good, feeling good

We're happy to run a boutique since we want to minimize the negative impacts of this industry. We also use sustainable materials through manufacture and retail as much as we can.

We carefully select and only work with licensed manufacturers that meet the safety standard, hire non-child workers who get an ethical level of wages and workload to make good products.