Noou Women

Meet Cora and Elaine, founders of X-CORE Studio based in Oakland, San Francisco Bay Area. X-CORE is a lagree fitness studio focusing on full body core-strengthening and calorie-burning workout by using The Lagree Method™.

How did your entrepreneurial journey begin?

C&E: The freedom to be your own boss, to inspire those near and far, and be a leader in our community. We met serendipitously while teaching at another fitness studio and found our calling when we fell in love with pilates. We turned our love into a passion and career by starting X-CORE. The business is rooted in personal connection and human touch whether with their incredible clientele or developing community ties with local small businesses and nonprofits.

How do you stay focused & motivated without burning out?

C&E: It’s very hard to not get burnt out as entrepreneurs because there is no clock in/out. We breathe, sleep and eat X-CORE and can easily get into the day to day grind without stepping back and looking at the big picture. Since the two of us do it all and don’t outsource much, we’ve had to look to each other to stay focused. There have been moments where one of us is burnt out and the other lifts the other one up and vice versa. We’re really lucky to be in a partnership where we can lean into each other.

Cora (left) wears Noou Double Soft Seamless Leggings before her lagree session

What challenges have you faced in entrepreneurship that you are grateful for? How did you overcome it?

C&E: Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart and something no one can prepare you for. There are a lot of things you learn as you go and google was and is still our best friend. We’ve stumbled over many times, but the best way we’ve learned is through our mistakes. As cliche as it sounds, the best way to gain knowledge is to experience. 

What’s been moving or inspiring you lately?

C&E: The outpouring of community support over the past 12 months has been moving and incredible. We’ve experienced a lot as a country, a small business and individuals in 2020. Despite that, our community has opened their arms and supported us in every way they know how through word of mouth, gift card purchases, donations and attending online/in-person classes. We will be forever grateful for their support and this has inspired us to do the same for others in our community.

What does feminine power mean to you?

C&E: Feminine power starts with self confidence. Self confidence leads to the strength and power we harness for everything in life. This will set the foundation for life at home, in the workplace, motherhood, athlete, entrepreneur, boardroom and boss babe. When one woman has that power and self confidence, she uplifts and supports the other females around her.